Customer Feedback

Thank you Andrew...home in time to get it in. Great product and love buying local!

Keep up the good work.  Cheers Jenny

To Canterbury Quinoa,

I purchased two of your lovely Quinoa products a couple of weeks back.  I'm emailing to give you some great feedback on them! I've tried a fair bit of Quinoa over the years(mainly from supermarkets) and never have any tasted half as beautiful as yours. 

As a few members in my household are coeliac or gluten intolerant, we avoid using oats in baking. Substituting oats for your quinoa flakes, I was able to make a GF apple & feijoa crumble. It turned out wonderfully.

You have a fantastic product.  Well done.

Glad to be supporting a kiwi business too, especially during this time.  I'll be back to buy some more soon (double the amount!)

Thanks and kind regards,


Caitlin says " Over lockdown my daughter has been experimenting with your quinoa.  Quinoa sprouted.

Quinoa ground to flour in a coffee mill and used in baking a self saucing chocolate pudding.

Quinoa milk - 1 cup quinoa blended with a hand whizz with 1 cup water. Strain thru a nut milk bag of cheesecloth.  For creaminess blend in 1 tablespoon soya lecithin. Add salt, cinamon or pureed soaked dates for taste (optional) makes 1 cup milk. Use within 3 days.  Keep refridgerated.

Quinoa patties using the solids from milk making turn them into patties by adding egg, grated veges, cheeses, salt and pepper. Can add chili powder, peanut butter, tumeric, garlic. Cook in oiled pan until brown. Turn over to cook the other side"

Thank you for these ideas and great encouragement to try new things with our quinoa.



Kaos says " Your quinoa is wonderful!  Can I get another $17 bag of white quinoa seed please"

Jamie from Laughing Pukeko Ltd says " My partner and I really love your white quinoa - the quick cook and low bitter content make it our preferred gluten free grain.  We also appreciate it being grown locally, and endeavour to support ethically sourced food."