Avonmore Farm

Avonmore Farm Canterbury New Zealand

Andrew Currie, Farmer and grower of many crops. 

Andrew cares about food miles and traceability. He wants every household to be able to eat healthy and sustainably. For many years Andrew has been experimenting with different seeds to find out what he can grow to support the gluten free individuals looking for nutritious alternatives to grain.

Andrew also cares about our feathered friends and grows a range of bird seeds.  If you want to check out our bird seed options and treat your pet bird or the wild birds in your neighborhood to some healthy local seeds contact us for more details.

Canterbury Quinoa

This superfood is locally grown spray free and with organic practises here in Canterbury, New Zealand. It cuts out all those food miles you might be worried about.

Quinoa is a nutrition dense gluten free seed containing high levels of protein, vitamins, minerals, and fibre to help you stay full for longer. Quinoa has so many health benefits, eating it every day has got to be good for you. Breakfast lunch and dinner there are so many choices.

Harvested here in Canterbury it needs no heat treatment or irradiation. We bring it fresh to your door at a price you can afford.